We wish to inform you that our beloved Diocese of Oru (Anglican Communion) is ten years old this year having been inaugurated in 2008.

The 1st session of the 4th synod of the Diocese of Oru (Anglican Communion) met under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of the RtRev’d G.N. Chukwunenye, Ph.D Bishop of the Diocese of Oru with his wife Dr. Joy Chukwunenye, President Women and Girls’ Ministry at St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, Nempi Oru West L.G.A. Imo State, from 10th- 13th May 2018. The synod which deliberated on the theme“Ebenezer: thus far the Lord has helped us.”(ISam. 7:12),


The President of the Women and Girls’ Ministry, Diocese of Oru, Dr. (Mrs.) J.N Chukwunenye rendered praises to the Lord and appreciated God for His goodness and greatness. She welcomed our Lord Bishop, the Rt. Rev’d G.N Chukwunenye (Ph.D), the Diocesan Presidents, the resource persons, special guests, all and sundry to the conference


The President pointed out that as Christian women, we are expected to live a life that will show case the lifestyle of Christ. She said that the church as a body of Christ is a living organism and one of the characteristics of a living organism is growth and any church that is not growing is either experiencing retardation or is already dead. The measure of true growth could be seen through spiritual re-awakening and rejuvenation that has accumulated over time to produce fruits which are showcased through formidable numerical strength and physical structures or edifices. In order to experience God’s supernatural provision and abundance, we are expected to allow God take complete possession of our lives and release ourselves to Him in obedience.

Furthermore, the President made us know that soul winning is the heart beat of Christ. She encouraged every women in the Diocese to be bold enough to tell others about Christ and disciple them through their Christian lifestyle. She also said that she expects every woman to, through their utterances and lifestyle bring back their children and husbands to the Christian faith and retain them in the Anglican Communion.

The President also declared that our Lord Jesus Christ used outreaches to draw people closer to Him. Outreach is the heart beat of Christ. Mama Oru said that she expected better results from outreaches to baby churches.

She appealed to public spirited persons to go through the Women Ministry to reach out to the less privileged in our society if and when they are inclined to do so.

Mama Oru encouraged the churches that have not started the Favoured Women Fellowship to take a step of faith and start one.

She also expressed gratitude to God for a revolving loan of N 500, 000 made available to the widows and further appealed to individuals to assist us and increase this refundable loan to one million naira because of the prevailing economic situation in the country.

The President enjoined every woman in the Diocese to be involved in agriculture to increase food production and every church encouraged to have a farm and plant at least four economic trees.

The President also appealed to all to hold our programmes in high esteem and also avoid lateness and absenteeism. She advised us to see these programmes as avenue to render worship and service to God as we tap into God’s blessings.

Mama Oru advised that Ladies and Girls’ Guild activities should be strengthened in churches and competitions for the Girls’ Guild camp should start from the stations. She further enjoined workers wives whose girls’ guild is dormant to wake up from their slumber.

She also reminded the workers wives that this is an enrolment year and encouraged them to start their enrolment classes if they have not done so. These women should be able to read and study the bible among other things. She added that for Mothers’ Union candidates women that are first wives to their husbands but were not married in the church should be encouraged to do church blessing. She advised those that cannot read the bible to enroll in the bible literacy class.

The President blessed the name of the Lord Almighty for the Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild, Women’s General Meeting (NzukoOgige), Women’s Home and Abroad general meeting and declared that the Lord Almighty has used many of them to enhance our churches. However, she warned that we must not operate as autonomous communities or bodies and should leave a good legacy for those that will take over from us. She enjoined all to pray for and also work for the progress and peace of our various churches and the progress of the Diocese because in the progress of the Diocese lies our progress. She reminded us that all the women’s groups in the churches are all under the supervision of the clergy wives and no group is autonomous. She further directed that every group must open and operate bank accounts as the method of keeping money in personal accounts or distributing it among members is no longer allowed. She also reminded us that all church property must remain in the church premises and properly accounted for, and all church meetings except Mothers’ Union house fellowship should be held in the church premises and instructed that we are not allowed to feast at women’s meetings except during the end of the year as get-to-gather if we can afford it.

Mama Oru thanked the churches that have completed their financial obligations and supported the Diocese in various forms and appealed to the churches that are owing to please pay up.

In the same vein, Mama Oru said that there is need to strengthen our Mothers’ Union House Fellowship and other women gatherings so as to make it a forum where we learn new things and imbibe values that will improve our Christian and family life.

Mama Oru informed us that the 10th Year Anniversary of the Diocese comes up on 16th July, 2018 and preparations are in top gear for the celebrations which will start in July.Programmes have been mapped out and one day would be coordinated by women and girls’ as part of the 10th anniversary celebration. Everybody should get ready with the anniversary material. If you have been in this Diocese and you have no soul won for the Lord to your credit your Christianity is questionable, she added.

The President also thanked God for the notable events that took place in the Diocese in 2017 some of which imparted the lives of the people of the Diocese such as the Synod held in 2017 where some of the submissions made included; every child of God should see one’s self as God’s investment who are supposed to yield either dividends or losses, though God expects us to yield dividends wherever we are.


Conference resolved that every member of the women’s guild is expected to read God’s Holy Word daily and memorize a verse of the scriptures weekly and live by it. Conference encouraged all the women to enrich their faith and grow into spiritual maturity through in-depth bible study.

Conference further decided that a Mobile Medical Clinic will be opened at the Cathedral compound to facilitate free routine check-ups, prescription, counseling and medical consultation at least on monthly basis. Free primary health care will be available too for those who cannot afford medical treatment.

The President enumerated a good number of people who were empowered after vocational training and skill acquisition programme especially the recent batch that is 35 in number. Based on the above, conference resolved that the outreach department and the workers wives have been mandated to monitor the progress of the beneficiaries of the Empowerment Programmesand bring back report to the Women’s Ministry.

It was further resolved that the outreach ministry will include door to door evangelism and missions to the unreached among us as well as schools and hospital visitations.

Conference also decided that in the nearest future, there shall be established vocational training Centre where people from every strata of life will be trained to acquire skills in their area of interest and a crèche will also be established in Mgbidi to provide quality day care and informal education in order to imbibe Christian values and ethics for young minds, a parcel of land is needed for this project.

Conference mandated the mobilization team to go round our churches to supervise and asses the trees planted and give us a report.

It was further resolved that anyone who noticed any unusual movement in the farm at Uzunumu should report same day without hesitation and hoped the Diocese will come to our aid and fence the land to avoid stealing our crops by thieves. Contacts on how we can assess grants to improve our farm and good market were also solicited for.

Conference also resolved that everybody inOrushould attend Celebrating His presence en-mass and not on delegation basis as it is an avenue to tap God’s blessings and as such none should be left out.

Another major resolution of the conference was that all hands must be on deck to keep the church compound clean, which is part of the promises at enrolment into the Women’s Guild.

Conference also decided that a monitoring group will be in place to monitor the activities of ladies and girls’ guild at the grass root level to identify redundant churches.

Conference resolved that if we must remain relevant as leaders of our various churches, we must be open to learning and positive changes so as to equip the women we are leading into adapting to global and environmental changes, and not leave them the way we met them because building edifices is good but when you build souls and people, it is the best and heavenrejoices with you.

It was further agreed that every woman in the Diocese would have to be committed to sacrificial altar thanksgiving (SAT) on monthly basis in order to receive God’s blessings. The money must be collected and prayed for at the altar by the priest hence the name Sacrificial Altar Thanksgiving. The SAT you give is one of the ways to sustain our scholarship programmes and outreaches.


From the conference theme: “Can Jesus Be Seen Through Your Lifestyle?” the President made us know that we must not only know but obey all the teachings of Christ, otherwise, we become Jesus fans and not Jesus followers. Followers of Christ must love and obey all the teachings of Christ, recognize the importance of the Holy Spirit, reach the unreached, render quality service to God and surrender their will to the will of God.

She also added that Christians must show kindness and bring relief to someone who may be hurting physically, spiritually or financially. Our Christianity should not be all about getting and receiving but more of giving and serving because that was what Jesus did for us when He came into the world as man.

The President called on us to live holy and Christ like life which can only be done by the power of the Holy Spirit, bringing a radical transformation to our lives.


 (ACT 11:26)”.

The Women conference extols the name of the Almighty God for his Great mercies, favour, peace, love and protection to all the members of Oru Diocese and their Families even at this difficult period of our country.

The women conference delegates expressed immense gratitude to the Diocesan and Patron of the Women and Girls` Ministry; His Lordship the Rt. Rev d G.N. Chukwunenye (PhD) and his wife, our own scholastic and Godly Mummy, the President of the Women/Girls’ Ministry,Dr. (Mrs.) J.N Chukwunenye (Mama Oru) for their all compassing fore-sight to move the Diocese forward.

The delegates appreciate in a special way, the presence of the Archbishop’s wife,other sixteen (16) Bishops Wives and all the delegates from 35 sister Dioceses.

Special thanks also goes to all our resource persons, Chairpersons, special guests and our Diocesan friends from Lagos and all those who in one way or the other imparted positively to the success of the Ministry.


     The theme of the woman conference “Can Jesus be seen through your lifestyle?” (Acts, 11:26) is very apt at the moment as was seen in the life of the early believers at the city of Antioch, when they were derogatorily called Christians because “all they did and said were Christ –like; even in the midst of moral decadence and spiritual decline that existed in their time.

This theme is timely and apt for this generation of Christians that are hypocritical in their way of life, who say one thing and do the contrary. What we profess now is the direct opposite of what the earlier believers stood for.

  1. Therefore, the delegates expect every woman to live a life that will showcase the lifestyle of Christ and become a good teacher of the word to her children by knowing the bible and live by it. Delegates were challenged with this question “Can Jesus be seen in yourlifestyle? The delegates challenged every woman to win at least a soul yearly because the heartbeat of Jesus is Evangelism(Matt 28vs 20),if not, the essence of the conference theme would not have an impact.The conference advised all the women to be passionate about their faith and live a lifestyle that would attract unbelievers and bring back backsliders to the faith. Moreover, the women were urged to uphold the cherished Christian virtues of marriage and child upbringing.
  2. The Women conference joined hands with the Mothers’ Union Church of Nigeria to unequivocally condemn the harassment, intimidation and dehumanization of people from South East Zone whose agitation is as a result of deliberate marginalization.
  3. The conference delegates also support the Christian community for standing up to ensure the revision of the Secondary School Curriculum where the Christian Religious Studies would have been merged with social studies, Islamic studies as civic education instead of a core subject.
  4. The conferencelend their voiceto the Standing Committee meeting of Church of Nigerian as they bemoan the complicity of the Federal Government to the despicable acts of the fulani herdsmen and advocate for the establishment of cattle ranches in line with world standard practice and not grazing colonies as presently advocated by the federal government.

Also they vehemently reject the ceding of any portion of their land to fulaniherdsmen under any guise. The women stated categorically that cattle rearing is a private business and should be treated as such.

  1. The conference delegates observed with dismay the increased rate of insecurity in Nigeria with the alarming number of internally displaced persons (IDPS)throughout Nigeria. Therefore the delegates called on the federal government to take urgent steps to help rehabilitate them, provide basic amenities and ensure that their number does not increase. Therefore, the delegates called on everyone to be security conscious in order not to be caught unawares
  2. In like manner, the delegates frowned at the impunity whereby young girls are abducted by terrorists and appealed to federal government to expedite effort to ensure the unconditional release of those still in captivity. They also appealed to good spirited individuals to come to their aids and they beckon onthe church to always pray for them and render any possible help especially to the young Christian girl LiyaNathan Sharibu who defended her faith even at the risk of her life. In the same vein,the delegates looked at some of nagging issues bedeviling the Nation today, such as; the youths being lured into slavery or prostitution to foreign countries through inhuman routes at the peril of their lives in search of the elusive Golden Fleece: the constant fuel crisis with consequent hike in prices of essential commodities and services unabated. Hence, the delegates appealed to the Federal Government of Nigeria to come up with lasting measures that will ease the sufferings of the masses.
  3. The conference delegates unanimously agreed that most of the sectional problems or agitations prevalent in the country today are hinged on the non-release of the 2014 National conference resolutions which is believed to have proffered solutions to all the burning issues facing the Nation today. The delegates therefore, called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to revisit the outcome of the National Conference and use it as a base for restructuring which the people are clamoring for.
  4. The women Conference delegates appealed to all and sundry to be environmentally friendly with regard to clearing drainages to avert flood disaster as experienced some years ago. They equally advised the citizens to ensure proper disposal of waste to avoid blocking the water channels.


                                         COMMUNIQUE GROUP

  1. Lady EbereAnuonye
  2. Mrs.IjeomaOkeke
  3. Mrs.ChimezieNnaoma
  4. Lady Monica Nwairo
Monday, 30 April 2018 00:00

Invitation to Oru Diocesan Synod 2018

You are invited to Oru Diocesan synod 2018
Date, Thursday 10th to sunday 13st May ,
Venue : St. Barth’s church, Nempi,  Oru-West L.G.A, Imo State
Lunching of The Bishop's presidential adress is on Friday 11th May by 10am
Please come and join us support the work of God in our dear Diocesan
Diocese of Oru,Fashioned for God's Glory.

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