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The 1st session of the 4th synod of the Diocese of Oru (Anglican Communion) met under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of the RtRev’d G.N. Chukwunenye, Ph.D Bishop of the Diocese of Oru with his wife Dr. Joy Chukwunenye, President Women and Girls’ Ministry at St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, Nempi Oru West L.G.A. Imo State, from 10th- 13th May 2018. The synod which deliberated on the theme“Ebenezer: thus far the Lord has helped us.”(ISam. 7:12),

had in attendance 45 clergymen and 246 members of the house of laity, received about 33 Goodwill messages from Sister Dioceses and one from an individual. We were honoured at the opening ceremony with the presence of our guest preacher and Bible Study Leader, His Grace, the Most Rev’d G.L. Lasebikan, Archbishop of Ondo Province and Bishop of Diocese of Ondo, Archbishops and Bishops of our Church and other dignitaries. At the end, the synod issued the following communique.

1. The Synod reviews the theme; “Ebenezer, Thus far the Lord has helped us” and identifies “Ebenezer” to mean the Stone of Help and that the significance of the stone of Ebenezer lies in the strong promise of God to help Israel.
2. Synod considers the attributes of Jesus Christ as a solid and unchangeable rock, and blames those Christians who search for Him in unimaginable places without knowing that Jesus can only be found in His word, the Bible.
3. Synod justifies the relevance of the theme in the life and circumstance of the present day Christian and urges Christians to rely on the promises of God for victory because His faithfulness endures forever.
4. Synod takes a critical look at the general governance in Imo State, and expresses regret at the reckless spending by the government to the extent that it cannot pay salaries and pension to workers and retirees. It therefore encourages Christians to obtain their permanent voters card and get ready to vote in credible leaders in 2019.
5. Synod expresses disgust over “NdiAgburuAnyi” campaign slogan going on in the state now and says it encourages discrimination and sectionalism and advises politicians to see the state as one entity and not the so called “NdiAgburuAnyi”.
6. The Synod traces the origin of hate speech in Nigeria to the hate regime of late Gen Sani Abacha and observes that hate behavior attracts hate speeches. It therefore calls on government at all levels to reverse the trend of hate speeches through good governance and civil conduct.
7. The Synod expresses dissatisfaction with the rhetorics canvassed by government as the reasons for intermittent petrol scarcity in the country and urges it to implement the policy on modular refineries which it proposed to approve since 2016.
8. The Synod articulates the reasons why Fulani Herdsmen killing has persisted to include lackadaisical attitude of government to deal decisively with the matter and corruption among top ranking security officials who take advantage of the situation to corruptly enrich themselvesand strongly calls on government to identify the cattle owners, register their businesses as corporate entities as well as make them to disarm their herdsmen and of course take responsibility for the atrocities they commit.
9. The Synod in session doubts the Government’s claim that Boko Haram Jihadists have been technically decimated judging by the incessant attacks on both civilian and military targets. If the Boko Haram group has been defeated, the Synod asks why government needs as much as one billion US dollars to persecute a finished war and calls on over sighting agencies to monitor the expenditure of the fund to ensure that it is not another Dasuki windfall.
10. The Synod in session commends the National Assembly for amending some aspects of the Constitution including the portion which grants, autonomy to State Houses of Assembly and expresses hope that when the bill becomes law, the State Legislatures will demonstrate courage in their law making and oversight functions necessary to grow and deepen democracy in the Country.
11. The Synod expresses concern over the controversy generated by the reversed sequence of general election and attributed it to dishonesty, greed and lack of trust among Nigerians. It therefore calls on INEC to endeavour to conduct free, fair and credible elections in 2019.
12. Synod in session condemns the prevailing high level of insecurity in the country especially in the killing of Priests and Worshippers and demolition of Churches by Moslem fundamentalists and urges the Federal Government to live up to its Constitutional responsibility to protect lives and property in the country.
13. Synod seriously frowns at the continued detention of Leah Sharibu who was abducted by Boko Haram group for more than three months now and calls on the Federal Government to intervene for her immediate release.


The Rev’d Dr. OnyemaOkenyekaThe Rt. Rev’d G.N. Chukwunenye Ph.D
Clerical Synod Secretary Bishop

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