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INTRODUCTION:    The 2nd Mothers’ Union Conference of the Women Ministry Diocese of Oru was held at St. Bartholomew’s Church Nempi from 16th – 19th, April, 2015. The theme of the conference was “While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares” Matt 13:25. The President Dr. Mrs. J.N. Chukwunenye appreciated God for His mercies and the Lord Bishop of Oru, the Rt. Rev. Geoffery N. Chukwunenye Ph.D for His direction and support of women’s work in the Diocese. She also welcomed the Archbishops’ and Bishops’ wives present and all the special guests, as well as the guest speaker Ven. Emmanuel Uzuegbulem and other resource persons.

The President encouraged all women to participate in the womens’ programs to ensure they are well informed, spiritually alert, keep their light burning for the Lord Jesus Christ, and stand as strong intercessors that will stand in the gap. She also said that henceforth, the Mothers’ Union Quiet Day will be observed at church level to encourage every women to participate.
Since the Mary Sumner’s Day affords the opportunity to re-examine the family life and also affords the opportunity to discuss the biblical standard of our belief as Mothers’ Union members, the President said Mary Sumner’s day will be celebrated by all churches every year at Archdeaconry level.
The President appealed for support and better turn out at the Diocesan August Meeting.
Every worker’s wife in the Diocese was exhorted to treat the rededication services with all the commitment and sincerity it deserves; and also make efforts to visit the sick and bereaved members every Monday and first Saturday after Easter.
The President urged all churches to see the program “Proclamation of the Risen Christ” led by the workers’ wives as an opportunity to proclaim the gospel and accord it the seriousness it deserves as well as encourage their members to attend the “Elder’s Day” program anytime it is slated. She also looked forward to improved attendance in other yearly events like “Feast of Annunciation of the blessed Virgin Mary”,” World Day of Prayers” and “Christmas Carol”.

Mama Oru appealed to the mothers and churches to support our girls in their training as this is of paramount importance if we hope to have better home fronts in the future.
All marriages that are qualified for holy matrimony or church blessings should be encouraged to do so and the workers’ wives were advised to start preparatory classes for enrolment in good time and to take it seriously.
The President encouraged the Clergy wives. Executive members and Lady Knights to sit up in their SAT giving project to make it a worth while venture.
She also prayed for donation of a bus[es] for Women’s Work in the Diocese and appealed to all to keep their churches clean.
Mama Oru encouraged every woman to be conversant with God’s word as this is knowledge and also the only way to true prosperity. Every attempt by the devil to either destroy or water-down our bible classes must be resisted. The women led by their workers’ wives are to embark on personal visitation and evangelism to weak members and the annual statistics of these visits submitted annually to the women office. In the coming year every church will present a product of the bible literacy class to the women. The President noted that the church of our time is in a battle against extinction therefore we must follow Jesus in spirit and in truth, to ensure we hand over a strong and formidable church to the next generation. She encouraged us to understand the time that we are in to positively influence our generation. The President congratulated the Diocesan bishop , The Rt. Revd. G.N. Chukwunenye Ph.D for the success of the Third Session of the Second Synod held from 20th to 23rd June, 2014 and appreciated the administrator of the host Archdeaconry and Wife, the Rev. Canon Chinedu and Mrs. Uchenna Fort-Edward and hoped that the standard would be maintained.
The President encouraged all to join hands to see that the Bishop’s Court project is completed. She appealed for donations or sponsors for full kitchen (including cabinets and fittings) wardrobes, and other internal fittings to complete the project.
She congratulated the Primate and wife, the Most Rev. Nicholas and Mrs. Nkasiobi Okoh for successful meetings during the year under review. She said that the Primate enjoined us to enthrone God’s righteousness though impartation of new life to produce new human beings.  
Mama Oru informed us that the Church of Nigeria Mothers’ union intensified their prayer network within the period under review and reminded us that 1st October each year is set aside for prayers for the nation. She informed us that the Church of Nigeria Mothers’ Union now has a web site: www.woconAnglicancommunion.org.ng  while the Facebook account is “Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion”.
She also informed us that the Church of Nigeria Mothers’ union frowned at the attitude of conducting church wedding before traditional marriages and that the customary obligations in marriages should be completed before the day of the church wedding to avoid laying wrong spiritual foundation for intending couples.
Mama Oru also said that the Church of Nigeria Mother’s Union declared that everybody should identify with their home church and home Diocese to avoid problems usually encountered at the demise of  such people living in other states where their home church refuses to conduct burial rites. The home churches she said were equally advised to show care and love to members living outside their dioceses especially while they are still living.  The Mothers’ Union Council also called on all to minimize the health risk of bad carbohydrates by reducing the risk of refined or processed food that strip off beneficial dietary fibre. She also said we were advised to eat the correct portions of protein that is lower in fat, whole grains and ensure adequate consumption of vegetables and fruits.
The President informed us that the Church of Nigeria warned that we should be conscious of numerous threats facing the church today, and appealed to the conference on the need to live daily in watchfulness, caution and prayers.
Mama Oru also made us understand that the endowment fund of the Church of Nigeria Mothers’ Union of N200 per women/girl is a continuous project; she further stated that the Mothers’ Union has called on everybody not just to pray but be watchful; to read newspapers, watch television, educate our members and find proper security for ourselves.
The President also said that the Mothers’ Union urges all women to be spiritually alert and avoid giving their children out in marriage to people that are not of the Christian faith. She also encouraged young people to go for pre and post marital counseling in order to enhance good and lasting marital relationships.
Mama Oru informed us that the Mothers’ Union encourages all Clergy wives and all Christian mothers to submit themselves to the authority of their husbands and also make themselves available, capable and work with passion for the service of the Lord.
The President, Dr. Mrs. J.N. Chukwunenye called on all Christians to heed the clarion call and prepare for the rapture and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ which can take place anytime.
The President Women and Girls Ministry, spoke extensively on the theme of the conference “While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares”. She said that we are the seed, the field is the world, the enemy is the devil who sowed the tares. The tare is a plant that looks like wheat and could be mistaken as wheat. In the church today, the enemy sows tares which are allowed to grow side by side with the wheat; reducing the numerical size and strength of the church. She said the greatest instrument in the hand of the devil in the church today is the tares which can only be recognized by those who see beyond the physical attributes and have spiritual insight or discernment. The tares she made us know are sown when men are sleeping. She encouraged the church to stay awake to keep the church from being overgrown by tares, which though they resemble the wheat are not able to fool the reaper on the day of harvest.

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