Part I: The Substance of the Faith  (Articles 1-5) 

1. Faith in the Holy Trinity
2. The Word, or Son of God, who became truly man
3. The descent of Christ into the realm of the dead
4. The resurrection of Christ
5. The Holy Spirit 

Part II: The Rule of Faith (Articles 6-8) 

6. The Sufficiency of Scripture for salvation 
7. The Old Testament
8. Of the Three Creeds 

Part III The Life of Faith (Articles 9-18) 

Personal Religion 
A. Its Commencement (Articles 9-14)

9. Original or Birth-sin 
10. Free Will 
11. The justification of man 
12. Good works 
13. Works before justification 
14. Works of supererogation 

B. Its Course (15-18) 

15. Of Christ alone without sin
16. Sin after baptism 
17. Predestination and election 
18. Obtaining salvation only by the name of Christ 

Part IV: The Household of Faith (Articles 19-39) 

Corporate Religion 
A. The Church (19-22)

19. The church 
20. The authority of the church 
21. The authority of general councils 
22. Purgatory 

B. Ministry (23-24)

23. Ministering in the congregation 
24. Speaking in the congregation in a language that people understand 

C. The Sacraments (25-31) 
25. The sacraments 
26. The sacraments are not rendered ineffectual by the unworthiness of the minister 
27. Baptism 
28. Of the Lord's Supper 
29. The wicked who partake of the Lord's Supper do not eat the body of Christ 
30. Reception in both kinds 
31. The oblation of Christ finished upon the cross 

D. Discipline (32-36) 
32. Marriage of Priests 
33. The excommunicated: how they are to be avoided 
34. The customs of the church 
35. The Homilies 
36. The consecration of bishops and ministers 

E. Church-State Relations (37-39) 
37. The state and its civil representatives
38. Private Property 
39. A Christian's Oath

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